Pragna Bharati organized a grand meeting on the occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas commemorating the birth anniversary of India’s Iron-Man Sardar Patel on 31st October 2019 at Hyderabad’s MCRHRD Institute. Hon’ble Vice- President of India Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu delivered the key-note address on the occasion. Pragna Bharati organizing secretary Sri Giridhar Mamidi in his opening remarks explained the context, while chairperson Sri T. Hanuman Chowdary presided over the meeting. In his remarks, Sri Chowdary stated that Sardar Patel converted the idea of cultural nation into an indivisible country, akhand bharat. Rashtriya Ekta divas is a befitting occasion to pay tributes to the Iron man who integrated the nation and it is Dharma which unites us. We should remind ourselves that Annie Besant said that there’s no India without Hinduism. He said we should fulfill Sardar’s expectations of ekta and ekatmata of the nation. Sri Venkaiah Naidu in his keynote address stated the entire nation is celebrating Ekta Divas, Patel’s only mantra for the country is `unity and more unity’; he commended Pragna Bharati for honoring Sardar Patel as Hyderabad is closely connected with Patel who integrated the state into India, just as he integrated 560+princely states. One of his great qualities was that Sardar Patel never allowed the bitterness of the past to affect his relations or cloud his emotions. His courteous treatment of the Nizam after ‘Operation Polo’ made the latter to say: “Your great personality is a valuable asset for India”. Sardar Patel accomplished Mission Impossible deftly and with firmness and even Mountbatten was compelled to say that since Patel united the country, India was fortunate to not know the disastrous results which would have occurred otherwise. Patel’s graciousness and magnanimity came to the fore when he had readily abided by Mahatma Gandhi’s advice to withdraw his candidacy for the post of Congress President in favour of Pandit Nehru in 1946, although a majority of State Congress committees supported his candidature. Sardar Patel’s persona was aptly summed up by his biographer Narahari Parikh, who had said: “Harder than steel in national matters, but softer than a flower in personal and private relations”.

Patel was a great barrister, skillful negotiator, inspirational leader, and an icon of unity and integrity. Sri Naidu recollected that as a student he agitated for Kashmir in the early 70s, while as chairperson of Rajyasabha, he had the honor of steering the J&K reorganization bill to 2/3 majority and abrogation of Article 370 on 5th August 2019, while also giving the opportunity for all leaders to express their opinions freely, as a democracy should be. He said it’s entirely fitting that J&K reorganization is coming into effect from 31st Oct 2019, on the birth anniversary of Patel. The Nation is ever grateful to his invaluable and monumental contributions in the building of modern India. The best way to pay tribute to Shri Patel’s memory would be for every Indian to strive to protect the unity, integrity, safety, security and sovereignty of India. Pragna Bharati president Dr Rajabhaskar Reddy thanked the dignitaries, in the well-attended gathering.

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