Constitution reflects the intrinsic dharma of the country-Justice P. Naveen Rao. Pragna Bharati organized an important meeting to commemorate the Constitution Day on 26 th Nov 2019 at ASCI, Hyderabad. It was on this day that seventy years ago, Constitution was drafted and signed. It became operational from 26 th January1950. Sri T. Hanuman Chowdary, Chairperson Pragna Bharati in his elaborate opening address elucidated the history of Constituent Assembly, which was constituted to draft a comprehensive Constitution for the nation under the leadership of Dr BR Ambedkar. He gave a detailed presentation highlighting the various features of Constitution. He suggested a few aspects which need to be reviewed for the robust strength of the country, as envisaged by the stalwarts like Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr Ambedkar, Dr KM Munshi and many other giants of those times. He said the term `secularism’ was introduced as 42 nd Amendment during emergency. He said `basic features’ of the Constitution need to be spelled out. Features like Article 27 have been problematic as it provides for `minority commissions’ which are not necessary as every citizen has equal fundamental rights. Sri Hanuman Chowdary’s book `The anguish of a Bharatiya’ was released on the occasion by the chief guest on the occasion Justice P.Naveen Rao.

Justice Sri P. Naveen Rao delivered the keynote address and explained the concept of `dharma’ and stated that the fundamental rights of the Constitution reflect the intrinsic values of our ancient dharma. The legal fraternity and judiciary must proactively engage to meet the challenges o modern times to and interpret laws in accordance with our dharma and ancient cultural ethos. A large gathering attended the meeting and celebrated the occasion of Constitution Day.

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